Charge certificate

If you do not make representations, payment or an appeal within the specified time limits, the enforcing authority may issue a charge certificate increasing the penalty charge by 50% in the case of parking, bus lane, moving traffic, clamp/remove and lorry ban Penalty Charge Notices or 100% in the case of littering and waste receptacle Penalty Charge Notices.

If you receive a charge certificate you have the following options:

     1. Pay the Penalty Charge Notice

This should be done within 14 days beginning with the date of service of the charge certificate

If you make payment no further action should be taken by the enforcing authority

However, if you wish to challenge liability for the Penalty Charge Notice you should not make payment but wait for the Order for Recovery to be issued.

       2. Witness Statement/Statutory Declaration

If after 14 days of a charge certificate being served the penalty charge is still not paid, the enforcing authority may register it as a debt at the Traffic Enforcement Centre, and you will be sent an Order for Recovery

To challenge liability for the Penalty Charge Notice you should then complete the statutory declaration or witness statement forms accompanying the Order and return them to the Traffic Enforcement Centre within 21 days beginning with the date of service of the Order, although there are provisions for the court to allow longer.

More information on the Statutory Declaration/Witness Statement procedure and downloadable forms is available from the Traffic Enforcement Centre Opens in a new window.

A Statutory Declaration may only be made by the person against whom an Order for Recovery has been made.

Further details of the enforcement process for each specific contravention type can be found on the pages for Parking and Traffic Adjudicators and Road User Charging Adjudicators